Hearing Impairment - Developing Deaf Children’s communication through listening and talking. 

Steps2Speech works with children of all ages across Yorkshire, providing an engaging, encouraging approach to speech and language therapy.

I am passionate about working with deaf children to develop their auditory verbal skills. It is so important that you as parents / carers have the right support to be able to develop your child’s speech and language.

Therapy is not limited to your child. It includes working with parents, grandparents, siblings and anyone important in your child’s life. My goal is for us to work together to help your child develop their language and listening skills.

Speech and language therapy should be fun for everyone and be part of your everyday life from making a drink to washing the car!

Therapy can take place at my practice, at your home, or at your child’s nursery or school. Sessions can be weekly, monthly, or anything in between to suit your child and you as a family.

Each session is tailored to the individual child and will include a “take home message”, which will be something you can practice at home with your child.

The uncommon combination of expertise I have gained as a speech and language therapist, teacher of the deaf and through the Auditory Verbal Therapy training, gives great insight into the wide ranging needs of deaf children. Families come from across the UK for independent assessments as well as for therapy.

For more information, or to have a chat about your child’s needs, please get in touch.

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