Independent Assessments

I am very experienced at carrying out independent assessments and reports for Education and Health Care plans and Educational Tribunals.

The role of an independent assessor is to give an unbiased opinion on areas of concern parents have with their child’s progress and support.

Independent assessments are usually requested when a family has concerns regarding the support given to their child, or whether their child is in the most suitable environment for their circumstances. The assessments include speech and language therapy, teacher of the deaf and school visits either individually or as a package.

The type of assessments vary depending on the age of the child. I use formal assessments where possible, but also assess by observation and with younger children, through play. Assessments can be made at my practice or by a visit to your child’s home or school.

Before the assessment we would usually have talked on the phone and you will have sent me some information about your child including some recent reports.

The assessment day at my practice in Yorkshire usually begins at 9.30 finishing about 2.30pm with breaks whenever needed. I am very happy for parents to sit in on the assessments. It often makes the reports more meaningful.

 I will complete the report usually within two weeks. It will include scores from the assessments as well as observations on how your child reacted e.g. did he need a high level of repetition, was she very distractible or very focused. The report contains detailed recommendations that are specific and quantified in terms of provision.

If you feel your child is not receiving the correct level of support and you are struggling to make the changes needed, then an independent assessment can help.

Get in touch to discuss your child’s situation, and we can work together to make sure they are receiving the support they need.

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